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general constructionCG Construction Company is a full-service construction company based in Southern California.

If you have no idea where to begin then we can take you from start to finish, from design (architect), financing, to construction (completing the project).

If you know what you want, then our experienced general contractors will work with you to make your dream a reality.

Hiring a general contractor is a big decision.

Unfortunately, most people have no idea about finding the best person for the job. Let me share with you some simple tips that you can use to find a general contractor that will do the job for you.

#1 We’ve all heard horror stories of hiring a general contractor and having that person do little to no work, and then that person takes the money, never to be heard from again. The first thing you should do before hiring a general contractor is make sure the contractor has an ACTIVE license from the state.

Do a search for contractors state license board and whatever state you live in. For example, CG Construction Co. is based in Southern California, so if you did a search for contractors state license board California, then you will find

Any reputable general contractor will have an active license from the state they work in. You will be able to verify that license number at the contractors state license board website. Ask the contractor you are considering hiring for their license number and make sure to verify that number on the state’s website. Go ahead and check our license number #845179.

#2 Look for a general contractor with experience. The more experience the better. An inexperienced contractor will cost you money in terms of time, materials, and labor. I can’t tell you the number of people I’ve talked to that have hired a general contractor that cost them thousands and thousands of dollars because of the mistakes they made due to their inexperience. CG Construction Co. has over 20 years of experience in commercial and residential construction.


#3 Ask the contractor to see some of his other projects via photos or in person. If you are investing a good amount of money into a commercial building, room addition, or new home construction, then it makes sense to visit some of the contractor’s older projects. Talk with the owners of the general contractors past projects. Ask them questions about the contractor you are considering hiring. If possible, set up a meeting with the owner the general contractor has previously worked with and tour the completed project.

CG Construction Co. looks forward to hearing from you and how we can go about making your dreams a reality.

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